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Who are these two crazy travelers?

Prior to nomadic life, our home airport code was FAR (Fargo, ND, USA). We're Jenn & Brad and we are FAR from FAR. Our first 10 years of marriage, we lived a very conventional life: got married, built a house, blended our families, worked 40+ hr/week office jobs in the corporate world, and spent weekends planning our next vacation.


Travel has always ENERGIZED us. We've taken some epic trips, but never felt fully satisfied and longed for more. Sometime in 2017, we started planning an extended trip - possibly a year or more. Over the course of the next 5 years, we went through multiple drafts of our plan. We scoured travel websites, learned more about travel hacking, collected miles & points, and read as much as possible about others who live nomadically. During this time, we also stumbled upon minimalism and it changed our life. We downsized three times and sold most of our belongings. We stuck to our plan, said goodbye (for now) to our family and friends and left the USA in November of 2022.

We are slowly traveling the world, staying between 1-3 months in each location. We seem to find interesting things to do & meet amazing people every place we visit. By sharing our authentic experiences, we hope to expand your own view of the world one country at a time. We love meeting locals and making new friends along the way. We especially love sharing the unexpected experiences we get by doing things out of the ordinary. 


Count on us to include our travel blunders, epic fails, embarrassing moments and misadventures too. We promise to always keep it real! No matter where or what we're up to, we intend to make marvelous memories along the way. We hope to motivate you to pack your bags and find your own next, life-changing adventure.

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